The Bridesmaids Guide To Hosting A Bridal Shower

The Bridesmaids Guide To Hosting A Bridal Shower

Jennifer Lopez’s character in “The Wedding Planner” said it best, “Those who don’t wed, plan”. Take it from a girl that’s been a bridesmaid about ten times, that quote rings true. Unlike many bridesmaids’ horror stories I’ve heard, I was happy and honored to share this special day with a number of my good friends! Sorry, no horrendous, overpriced bridesmaid dresses or Bridezilla stories to share (ok, maybe one). My friends have spoiled us with fab frocks that I’ve worn since! Along the way, I’ve learned much about my inner event planner and designer that has translated into my professional work. On the cusp of what is my last wedding in the foreseeable future, I’m sharing my planning and DIY tips!

Bridal Shower Tablescape
THEME: “Passport to Love”

When brainstorming a theme for a Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party, I like to start with the bride. What’s her personality, style, likes and dislikes? Remember, the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party are two different tones. Unless her family is like the Kardashians, keep things PG-13. The shower includes the Bride’s mother, aunts, grandmother, colleagues, etc. You don’t want the church lady giving your bride the side-eye every Sunday after the festivities. For the Bachelorette Party, turn up the adult factor and take things NC-17 (however, this really depends on the bride’s preference). This group usually includes friends and select family members.

For this particular Bridal Shower, we decided on a travel theme based on the couple’s long-distance relationship and a destination wedding. We opted for coral and gold because the bride planned to use them as accent colors. I suggest checking in with your bride on colors and themes if it’s similar to the wedding just in case she may not agree with the direction.


Location, location, location! A venue can save you time and money if it’s in line with the theme and comes with supplies such as tables and chairs. We decided on a location that complemented the theme and was economic…and by economic, I mean free! Thankfully, I had another BFF with an intimate backyard space overlooking a lake. A huge part of your budget is location and food so save where you can without compromising the integrity of the event.


I knew we would be creating much of the décor and purchasing what we couldn’t make on our own. Knowing the strengths and resources of the bridesmaid group is key to the success of your event. I lucked out with this wedding because all the bridesmaids weren’t only my BFFs but each is crafty, creative and has experience hosting milestone events too! If you’re an avid crafter and love designing events, I highly suggest investing in a Cricut machine. It saves time, money and substantially ups the professional look of your event! From the tablescape, sign-in table, dessert table and photo props, we did it all thanks to the printer and my minion Jen
Given this was an outdoor event in Miami, we opted for a tent just in case in rained or the sun was too intense. Thankfully we did because it poured!


Upon entry into the bridal shower, guests were greeted with SANGRIA MYX Fusions paired with a souvenir milk jar! The SANGRIA CLASSICO and SANGRIA TROPICAL flavors were a refreshing start to the afternoon! The bottles are twist off tops making it very simply and convenient for serving. Appetizers and entrées were catered since we saved on location and decor. Celebrity bakery Deja Vu Sweets transported our palate with chocolate cup shooters filled with cheesecake, topped with fresh gold strawberries and macaroons.


For a three hour event, two to three games are enough to keep guests entertained while they mingle. My favorite bridal shower activities include making a wedding dress from toilet paper game and the purse scavenger hunt.