‘Ghost in the Shell’ Action Films Led by Fierce Women

‘Ghost in the Shell’ Action Films Led by Fierce Women

Scarlett Johansson is nothing short of badass, bold, and beautiful as she plays Major in her new upcoming film Ghost in Shell. Between the stunts and her edgy attitude, Johansson never fails to keep her viewers on pins and needles waiting for her next move. No stranger fierce roles, she’s starred in a number of action films including “Lucy”, “The Avengers”, and “Iron Man 2”.  Check out ‘3 Action Films led by Fierce Women’ who made the list as our #WomenCrushEveryDay!

Halle Berry as Storm. She’s also no stranger to the fierce role as she also starred in CATWOMAN (2004) and DIE ANOTHER DAY (2002)


Lupita Nyong’o will be Nakia, a member of the Dora Milaje in Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther movie (February 16, 2018).

Sanna Lathan led the long awaited battle between two major franchises in Alien vs Predetar or “AVP” (2004)