8 Things ‘Martin’ Taught Us About Dating

8 Things ‘Martin’ Taught Us About Dating


The Alpha Male and the Independent Woman can coexist in a happy and healthy relationship

1. Tradition tells us that macho men are only compatible with the Stepford Wife, passive type of woman. But the hit 90’s comedy showed that with communication and honesty, egos and bumps in the road can be worked through if both are willing to make it work.

2. Every guy has a friend that gives good advice and that one friend they should not even ask for directions. Tommy and Cole were Martin’s best friends. Jobless Tommy seemed to always be the voice of reason while Cole and Martin’s boss, Stan, gave the worst advice that at times brought Martin and his girlfriend Gina to the brinks of a break-up. Martin Tommy and Cole


3. Don’t compete with his mother. She’s the first love and knows all his vulnerabilities. Martin, like many men, had a very special bond with his mom. There’s nothing like momma’s biscuits! Momma Payne was no fan of Gina and had her own nickname for her, Apple Head. A girl can’t and shouldn’t try to compete with the woman who carried her beau for nine months, but there are things you can do and make him feel that she can’t;-)


4. Men and Women remember things differently. Martin and Gina had two very conflicting stories of how they met. According to Martin, every woman swooned after him at the party he and Gina met at. Even Gina was smitten and through herself on the super fly pimp. On the other hand, recaps seeing a shy, socially awkward man to mold in Martin. They say there’s three sides to a story…his side, her side and the truth!

5. You can’t force a man to put a ring on it, but you don’t have to stay. Martin and Gina hit this major bump in the road after a few years of dating. Martin shared with his friends that Gina is “the one” but like a true Alpha Male, he didn’t feel his money and circumstances were on par to jump the broom. Gina was up for a major work promotion that would relocate her out of state. No thanks to the influence of their friends, Gina thought Martin would show his love and fight for her to stay while Martin though he was being supportive by encouraging her to go. Martin and Gina
6. SEX, SEX and more SEX! A healthy, loving relationship has regular sex. What better way to show the ultimate form of connection?! From the bedroom to public places, no where seemed off limits for these two…remember the red pumps Martin wanted Gina to buy;-)
7. Men are constantly trying to prove that their girlfriend isn’t controlling them. Again, friends get Martin in trouble. Martin chooses to revert to his cave man ways at an important dinner Gina has with a client. By the end of the night, with a bat in hand Gina brings him back to his senses.
8. Looks aren’t everything. Martin admitted on his radio show that he had a moment of weakness when he was single and tried to hook-up with his prying, hot mess neighbor Sheneneh (played by Martin) LOL! martin Sheneneh